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We feel fortunate to have received reflections from our patients about how Pain Consultants of Arizona has helped them. Here are some of our favorites:

Dr. Grove


Above and Beyond

The doctor, nurses, and staff have always listened to what I had to say. From there they have constantly adjusted my changing medical condition to give my outstanding care. Recently after an extended stay in the hospital they went out of their way to find and make available medications that were not available anywhere locally. They worked with me and a supplier for days, following up with me several times a day until everything was correct and delivered. They treated me like family. Thank you! – Thad M.

Voted Best Dr!!

To Whom It May Concern:

I write with great pleasure personally nominating Doctor Julian Grove, the finest physician a patient to have. I’m sure everyone can relate to a dozen doctor visits with monotonous results, wondering why there is no answers or at least relief to get you through more comfortably.

Not only does Doctor Grove identify the problem, but administers an exact plan to get your body to function the way your mind remembers it can! I have been his patient for over five years, and realize every day what a blessing it is, to have a scholar with his passion actually study his patients the way you always wished Doctors did.

I get reminded daily the difference in practitioners by friends and family experiencing neglect€™ from their doctors. When they hear me talk about Dr. Julian Grove, they ask for his contact info, and go as far as changing their insurance plans if necessary because his service; a one-of-a-kind.

I thank him kindly from the bottom of my (health) for getting my mobility back, which led to healthy, which led to weight loss, which led to compliments, which led to HAPPINESS! You get the point; I got myself back! You can’t put a price on this man’s abilities. One of the reasons he fixes the problem(s) is because he LISTENS! Yeah I know hard to believe, but HE EXISTS! Thank you for allowing me to share my personal experience with you. – Ana B.

One of the Best Ever Medical Doctors

I echo everyone's sentiments. Every positive adjective could be used when describing him. I went to so many doctors, they barely listened if at all and did not work to find me a pain regime that would work. I went to Dr. Grove and he spent the time and listened to me and looked over all my prior medical information and he then worked his magic. Within a short time, my horrible pain was under control and thankfully no more trips to the ER for extreme pain. He is the poster child of what every doctor should be or aspire to be. His assistant Brittany is also fantastic. She spends time with me and doesn't just do the "stamp and send" type of medicine. They also agreed to help with my depression management since my pain and depression are so interrelated. They truly care about me, the person and to make my life better in any way they possibly can. I feel so incredibly grateful that I was referred to him and that I get one of the best ever medical doctors and care in the business. Thank you Dr. G and Brittany and staff. You all are so great. – D. Greenfield

Friendly and Accommodating

Dr. Grove:

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone at the office for such a positive experience. I've been constantly surprised by the level of service and professionalism. When I call, I am rarely put on hold. Desk staff are friendly and accommodating. And the support staff I've come into contact with during my injection appointments are kind and comforting. You've all made my experience with pain a little easier. It is rare these days to find a doctor's office where you still feel like a valued patient. Thank you all for your great work!

- Chelsea K.


You and your staff are terrific! I am so happy that my friend sent me to you! You not only "listen" to your patients and have an interest in them, you are a "hoot" while doing a procedure, makes one very relaxed, a great place to come to. Thank you so much

- Clara W.

Amazing Doctor

I wanted to take a few moments to thank you for all you've done for me. You have not only successfully treated my pain condition so that I can still work and be a part of my families lives, but you've given me hope. You are an amazing Dr., and individual. Thank you Dr. Grove.

Annette I.

Dr. Kubitz



I cannot say enough about Dr. Kubitz. On my first visit he took almost 45 mins with me and was in no hurry to rush me out of his office. You cannot find that these days. I have also seen his PA Micah which was very helpful. Not only did I have back and neck issues but I have another issue that he wanted to research and upon my next visit (which was the same week) he already had a few things he suggested we try. Dr. Kubitz did an injection in my lower back and I choose not to be sedated because the procedure only took 15 mins. Dr. Kubitz did such a great job I did not even feel it. I have to also say the entire office staff is so helpful and returns my calls within a few hours if not less. That office is on the ball with everything. I have never waited more than 5 mins to get in room and see the doctor. I have never experienced that with a doctor’s office. I would recommend this place to everyone. Great place!!! – Lisa W.

Very Nice

I have been to other pain specialists before, and I have to say this office is the best. They are always able to get me in in a timely manner for an appointment. Never a long wait in the waiting room. Friendly and helpful staff. – Brittany

Long Time Patient

Dr. Kubitz helped me to go from a miserable existence to managing my pain and learning how to get the most out of my daily life without resorting to surgery. He is patient and very caring. He has moved his office to Tatum across from Desert Ridge and the facility has an in house treatment room if you need an epidural etc. Very nice office and great staff. – Candice H.

A Rare Breed

Dr. Kubitz:

I cannot thank you enough for ordering the flat MRI on my ankle and getting the results to me; while contacting a doctor for me to see before I left on the cruise. This was going on for so long and no other doctor took the time to do anything. I have the highest regard for you as you are very special in your caring for me and many people that I know. Doctors like you are a rare breed in todays world. Many thanks again.

- Doris D.


Thank you for never giving up on finding a solution to my pain. Many before you did. Because of your persistent testing, your ability to choose a Dr. who would be open to your findings, and your ability to articulate what the surgeon needed to know for surgery, I thank you! In this case, I believe you are different because of your caring, close family background. No amount of education can trump that (and that resume is not to be dismissed)! Oh, and tell your Mother she is not the only Mother who is proud of you!

- Linda P.